The Secret Chainbase Master Plan

The Secret Chainbase Master Plan



Founder of Chainbase

We believe that the future is on-chain, where every individual and organization will lean on blockchain.

This faith is rooted in blockchain's unique nature: It is a global computer accessible to all yet owned by none. Beyond this, the blockchain is the world's first inherently public, continuously expanding global data network.

In the past, internet data has always been a closed and scarce resource, accessible and usable only by organizations and individuals with data monopoly rights. However, blockchain technology has broken this limitation, presenting a new value system that is based on public, shared, and immutable data and infrastructure. This change depicts more than just a data and computational evolution, it's also a holistic expansion of the internet itself.

With this technology, the existing native internet protocol layer can be continuously upgraded, democratizing value creation and exchange on a global scale. This revolution unlocks a new market worth trillions, endowing the internet with unprecedented vitality and energy.

A brief reflection on the major shifts in data mediums, before and after the computer era:

  • On paper: Prone to inefficiency, limitations, and vulnerabilities.
  • On disk: Essential data remains on your local storage.
  • On cloud: Data that are aggregated, managed, and utilized resides in centralized cloud systems.
  • On chain: Information that’s valuable for everyone is anchored on-chain

“On-chain” is not just a technical term; it will be another form of “Online”. As we move forward, data will democratize, amplified in scope by AI advancements. This evolution challenges us: How can we re-envision cryptography to establish a truly open and sustainable data infrastructure that advances human development? Chainbase is on this very mission, striving to simplify and maximize the potential of crypto data, continually empowering this generation’s visionaries to bring their imaginations to fruition.

To achieve our vision, we've outlined a four-phase plan:

Phase 1: Build the Open Data Platform

During this initial phase, we aim to create an open, fast, and stable data platform tailored for industry users, specifically engineers, data scientists, and analysts. We will weave the principle of openness throughout our product design, ensuring maximum efficiency in accessing, processing, analyzing, and applying crypto data in AI.

This is our core business. We will work closely with our users to polish our products, gaining insights on product iteration, brand image, and industry influence via continuously expanding our user base. Profit isn't our primary concern at this phase. It's common for emerging technologies to have substantial initial costs. However, as they expand and achieve scale, these expenditures tend to stabilize and get to a relative balance point.

Phase 2: Build a trust-less, sustainable data model network

Blockchain's essence lies in its transparency, trustlessness, and sustaining operation. We'll incorporate these principles into our system for dataset parsing, modeling, and description. In this phase, we will formulate a data model network using a unified protocol to standardize the crypto data interpretation layer (from raw data, to decoded contracts, then to the abstract business layer). Our objective is to maximize the richness and quality of the datasets.

As more people join, the system will operate faster, ensuring that the processing of all datasets (knowledge) is public, transparent, composable, and free from centralized control.

Phase 3: Build data-based, mass-market apps through investments or acquisitions

Data's real potential is only unleashed when applied in specific scenarios. Previously, crypto applications have faced criticism for various reasons. Hence our strategy in this phase focuses on investing in, acquiring, or incubating a series of data-driven, mass applications. These innovations will not only spur the iteration and widespread of use cases for Chainbase but also provide users worldwide with more practical tools, entertainment, and services. The goal is to significantly lower the entry barriers, enabling hundreds of millions of average users to get involved.

Phase 4: Driving 10M people to build on blockchain for mass builds

In the final phase, our aspiration is to stimulate global creativity, encouraging at least 10 million people to engage in building in blockchain. We aim to attract not just developers but also product managers, data scientists, and professionals from various fields. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is bound to lead to unprecedented innovations.

Potential use cases might include, but aren't limited to: identity systems, computational storage, social networking, gaming, advertising, RWA, productivity tools, and more. It's highly possible that the next Google, X (formerly Twitter), Meta, Netflix, and Uber will emerge from these innovations. We're genuinely excited about this prospect because it signifies that their existence, directly or indirectly, will position Chainbase to change the world and leave a profound impact on humanity in the future.


We're in the early stages of this industry, and the nascent data revolution is just beginning to unfold. Ideally, we anticipate navigating these phases will span over five years.

Furthermore, our vision extends beyond just establishing a platform or solving a single issue. We're on a mission to spark a brand-new innovative ecosystem. Ultimately, if Chainbase hits its milestones, it means that even developers who have just been introduced to blockchain, or ordinary users with no technical background, can easily leverage on-chain data for valuable innovations. The potential use cases could be vast, making crypto everywhere. People will no longer need to waste time reinventing wheels, decrypting data, building systems, ensuring stability, and so on – the world will become incredibly simplified!

To sum it up, our strategic roadmap includes:

  • Design a product to tackle the challenges of using crypto data.
  • Propel a network to unify the data interpretation layer.
  • Reinvest the earnings to iterate the product and engage in user-facing applications through investments or acquisitions.
  • Throughout these endeavors, uphold the spirit of crypto.

Note: "Openness" is not just one of our core value propositions but also our guiding principle. That’s why we have made our “internal” strategic plans public on the internet.

About Chainbase

Chainbase is an open Web3 data infrastructure for accessing, organizing, and analyzing on-chain data at scale. It helps people to better utilize on-chain data by combining rich datasets with open computing technologies in one data platform. Chainbase’s ultimate goal is to increase data freedom in the crypto.

More than 5,000 developers actively interact with our platform and over 200Mn data requests per day as their data backend and integrate chainbase into their main workflow.  Additionally, we are working with ~10 top-tier public chains as first-tier validators and managing over US $500Mn tokens non-custodially as a validator provider. Find out more at:

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