New DataCloud is On! Better Studio for Web3 Data

New DataCloud is On! Better Studio for Web3 Data

Ryan Chou

Ryan Chou


Table Of Contents

  • Huge Upgrades to Our Data Architecture
  • What’s New in DataCloud
  • Future Plans

Huge Upgrades to Our Data Architecture

At Chainbase, our engineering teams have been working to evolve DataCloud into the leading data warehouse in the Web3. Over the past few months, through unwavering effort and technological innovation, we have successfully upgraded our data architecture to a streaming warehouse.

This significant upgrade not only improves the efficiency and flexibility of data processing, but also brings new DataCloud features designed to provide users and developers with a better Web3 data experience.

What’s New In the DataCloud

The latest version of DataCloud has more powerful improvements and enhancements than the past. We are thrilled to announce the launch of three new features that significantly enhance the capabilities of DataCloud and dramatically improve the user experience.

💡 NOTE: Decoded Projects datasets is still backfilling, and it will be finished by the end of this week.

  • Unified Datasets - Users can now explore and query across three layers of datasets - Raw, Decoded, and Abstracted - within DataCloud. This multi-layered approach not only makes it easy for users at all levels to access the data they need but also provides unprecedented data handling power and flexibility. And now the Decoded Projects and Abstracted(NFT\Token\ERC20\ERC1155\DEX etc.) datasets will accelerate your data workflow.
  • Parameterized Queries - With our new Parameterized Queries feature, users can now craft more dynamic and customized SQL queries. allowing for precise data mining and in-depth insights by only changing or passing few parameters.
  • Task API - Our Task API enable seamless integration with a wide range of applications, ensuring continuous access to the latest data. This ongoing connectivity is vital for applications that require real-time data updates and for users who need to stay on top of the latest trends and change.

These innovative features make DataCloud become a powerful and user-friendly data studio for Web3 developers. Each new feature marks a significant advancement in our efforts to simplify data processing and provide tools for deep data exploration and building Apps.

Future Plans

Next, We will continually expand our range of datasets, offering users a richer and more diverse selection of data. and meantime we are committed to improve our data freshness to make it become most real-time data in the industry.

Continuously improving query efficiency remains one of our key goals. We are investing resources in optimizing our query engine to provide faster and more efficient data retrieval.

In December, we will launch the new Sync feature, which will allow users to synchronize data more conveniently, maintaining consistency and up-to-dateness.

Additionally, we will introduce the CU (Compute Unit) billing system, offering more flexible and transparent billing options. This will enable users to optimize costs based on actual usage, ensuring greater cost-effectiveness.

Enjoy Your Journey with New DataCloud! More info refer to <Developer Docs>

About Chainbase

Chainbase is an open Web3 data infrastructure for accessing, organizing, and analyzing on-chain data at scale. It helps people to better utilize on-chain data by combining rich datasets with open computing technologies in one data platform. Chainbase’s ultimate goal is to increase data freedom in the crypto.

More than 5,000 developers actively interact with our platform and over 200Mn data requests per day as their data backend and integrate chainbase into their main workflow.  Additionally, we are working with ~10 top-tier public chains as first-tier validators and managing over US $500Mn tokens non-custodially as a validator provider. Find out more at:

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