Introducing Chainbase Webhook: Bring the Real-Time Capability to Web3 Apps

Introducing Chainbase Webhook: Bring the Real-Time Capability to Web3 Apps

Ryan Chou

Ryan Chou


Table Of Contents

  • The Realtime Capacity We Need
  • Popular UseCases for Webhook
  • The Benefits of Chainbase Webhook
  • What's Next

Today we are excited to launch Chainbase Webhook, a Real-time toolkit for Web3 developers to monitor the On-chain events. It will empower the Web3 dApp to acquire Real-time data more reliably and efficiently.

The Real-time Capability We need

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, Real-time responsiveness are critical to building blockchain applications. However The traditional way of retrieving data from blockchain, which involves periodically querying on-chain data, is not only inefficient but can also result in data lags.

That's why we need a real-time way to query on-chain data, and Webhook becomes a simple, easy and customizable way to achieve it.


Webhook offers a useful mechanism that allows developers to set specific triggers, notifying applications instantaneously when particular events occur on the chain. This "push" rather than "pull" approach ensures data immediacy, significantly enhancing application responsiveness.

The Primary Advantages and Features Webhook Provided:

  • Real-time: Applications can be notified the moment specific events transpire.
  • Flexibility: Developers can customize event listeners based on their requirements.
  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional polling methods, Webhook reduces the strain on networks and servers.

Popular use cases for Webhook

From transactions monitoring to DeFi, and NFT dApps building, Webhook become more and more popular in Web3 toolkits and dApps development. We could not only develop a bunch of On-Chain data monitoring toolkits but also build some complex dApps. Here are some examples

  • Monitor Assets: Get real-time notifications when an asset is being sent, received, staked, swapped, or burned. This is particularly useful for exchanges and DeFi applications where the dynamics of assets are frequently changing.
  • Real-Time Wallet Notifications: Monitor when an address sends, receives, stakes, swaps, or burns assets. This feature can also be used in tracking unauthorized transactions for security purposes.
  • Token Sales Activities: Receive notifications when someone participates in your token sale. This could significantly enhance marketing and sales strategies by understanding investor behavior in real-time.
  • Smart Contract Event Monitoring: Trigger on-chain events based on your filters. Real-time contract interaction information can be obtained through the webhook. For example, when a smart contract method is invoked or the state variables change.
  • NFT trade tracking: Use webhooks to monitor the release and trading activities of specific artists or series of NFTs. Both collectors and market investors can be notified in real-time, greatly increasing their chances of bidding for the works.

Based on Webhook we can instantly obtain the on-chain latest operation and status, which greatly improves the efficiency of on-chain and off-chain data synchronization.

Meanwhile due to the Cross-Chain advantages, Webhook-based toolkit and dApps are highly versatile and can be deployed and run quickly across multiple Chains/Networks.

For participants to Web3, they can gain more control and understanding the complex Web3 Data through Webhooks.

The Benefits of Chainbase Webhooks

In Chainbase, With the increasing Webhooks scenarios, our Webhook attempts to provide more and more functionalities and datasets to help developers build toolkits and dApps efficiently. You can create, configure and test Webhook quickly in "Chainbase - Sync".


  • Real-Time: It ensures that developers are instantly notified the moment an event transpires on the chain. Whether it's the addition of a new block, the execution of a smart contract, or any other on-chain dynamics.
  • Customizable: Developers can pinpoint the exact on-chain events they're concerned with. From basic transaction tracking to intricate smart contract interactions, the API caters to specified notifications, meeting the diverse needs of various application scenarios.
  • Reliable: Our infrastructure is built to guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted operation, ensuring that developers and applications always have access to real-time data without concern for downtime or service disruptions

What's Next

As we continue to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing Web3 landscape, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering Your attempts and feedbacks would inspire us to set higher goals for the future. Please try it and give us more feedback :)

And Next. With the increasing complexity of blockchain dApps and data requirements, Our vision is to establish a comprehensive and multi-functional Data Platform to satisfy the requirements of various applications and users. We are putting all our efforts to make it come true.

  • 1000+ DataSets On The Way: we've decoded nearly 1000+ DataSets, constructing a comprehensive 4 Data Layers (RawData, Protocols, Decoded Projects, and Abstracted), Each layer has been carefully designed to meet different scenarios and user needs.

    We plan to make these DataSets available in an upcoming Release. You will be able to leverage the full potential of these datasets through Chainbase Webhook.

  • Powerful Streaming WareHouse: Meanwhile We're investing heavily in building a Powerful Streaming Warehouse to archive that not only developers can get On-Chain data in Real-Time, but also process and ETL flexibly. You can write Streaming SQL to create Custom API to build Truly Real-Time Apps to satisfy the requests of different scenarios.

We sincerely hope to collaborate with developers to build a powerful data platform. Let's work together to create more Real-Time Web3 Apps, striving side by side for a brighter future.

About Chainbase

Chainbase is an open Web3 data infrastructure for accessing, organizing, and analyzing on-chain data at scale. It helps people to better utilize on-chain data by combining rich datasets with open computing technologies in one data platform. Chainbase’s ultimate goal is to increase data freedom in the crypto.

More than 5,000 developers actively interact with our platform and over 200Mn data requests per day as their data backend and integrate chainbase into their main workflow.  Additionally, we are working with ~10 top-tier public chains as first-tier validators and managing over US $500Mn tokens non-custodially as a validator provider. Find out more at:

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