Chainbase Unveils Exciting Partnership with  Developer DAO for a Week-long Global Hackathon

Chainbase Unveils Exciting Partnership with Developer DAO for a Week-long Global Hackathon

Chainbase Team

Chainbase Team

In an exhilarating collaboration, Chainbase is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Developer DAO (DD) for an upcoming week-long online hackathon, scheduled from October 23 to October 30. With an impressive prize pool exceeding $5,000, this chain-agnostic and vertical-agnostic event aims to pioneer the innovative use of on-chain data. The focus is on applications that are not just imaginative but also address real-world use cases. Leveraging Chainbase as the backbone data tool, the hackathon promises a vibrant platform for developers worldwide.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Fresh Ideas, Real Rewards: The hackathon exclusively welcomes new project submissions, ensuring a platform for fresh and creative concepts.
  2. Cash Prizes in USDT: Participants stand a chance to win substantial cash prizes in USDT, avoiding the complexity of project tokens.
  3. One-Week Mini Hack: With a duration of just one week, the hackathon offers a convenient and flexible schedule for developers.
  4. Global Participation: The event is entirely online, encouraging developers from across the globe to participate and showcase their skills.
  5. Expert Support: Participants will benefit from strong technical assistance provided by both Chainbase engineers and experienced DD members.

Timeline (mark on your calendar!)

DD Town hall: 10/13, 4pm UTC, within DD community. Listen back here

Twitter Space: 10/18, 5pm UTC, DD Twitter. Listen back here

Twitter Space Series with Partners: 10/18 - 10/25, Chainbase Twitter

Chainbase Workshop: 10/25, 3pm UTC, DD Twitter

Hackathon: 10/23 12am UTC - 10/30 11:59pm, Online

(During the hackathon, there will be Office Hours offered by Chainbase engineers, via a dedicated channel in DD’s Discord)

Office Hours: 10/23 - 10/30, 2am - 3am, every day

Target Audience:

  1. Open Invitation: The hackathon warmly welcomes developers of all backgrounds and experiences.
  2. Ideal for Various Skillsets:
    • Web2 Transitions: Developers familiar with APIs and Web2 UIs will find the transition seamless with Chainbase.
    • Frontend Developers: All backend complexities are managed, allowing frontend developers to focus solely on their creative work.
    • Networking and Skill Building: It’s an excellent opportunity for those seeking job opportunities, networking, and skill enhancement within the Web3 space.

Exciting Incentives:

  1. Career Opportunities: Exceptional participants have the chance to explore job opportunities at Chainbase and its partner organizations.
  2. DD Membership: Outstanding individuals may get the opportunity to join Developer DAO, a prestigious community for developers.
  3. Venture Capital Pitch: Top participants stand a chance to pitch their projects in front of leading venture capitalists.
  4. Exclusive Swags: Winning teams receive free Chainbase merchandise, with additional swags available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Chainbase Pro Account: All attendees receive a free one-month Chainbase Pro account post-hackathon, followed by a 20% discount for the next six months. Winning teams enjoy additional customized support.
  6. Access to Premium Tools: Participants gain access to a range of valuable developer tools other than Chainbase to enhance their skills.
  7. Free Stay at Devconnect 2023: Exceptional hackers, selected based on submission quality and interaction, get a complimentary stay during Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul (Nov 13-20).

Submission Requirements:

  1. Utilize Chainbase’s Backend Data: Projects must leverage Chainbase’s data on the backend, only RPC calls does not count.
  2. Fresh and Innovative: Projects must be newly developed within the hackathon timeframe.
  3. Functional Products: Emphasis on creating functional products with a clear business sense and usability.
  4. Comprehensive Presentation: Participants are encouraged to create videos or starter kits showcasing the application's usage.

Prize Categories:

The event offers general prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, along with track awards for speed, completeness, and openness, as well as special awards that recognize innovation and user experience. The total prize pool exceeds $5,000, complemented by CODE tokens.

For detailed guidelines and registration, please visit the Hack Guide.

Event Partners:

Chainbase is grateful for the support from esteemed community and media partners, including:

Community Partners:

Media Partners:

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