Chainbase September Newsletter

Chainbase September Newsletter

Chainbase Team

Chainbase Team

September is over and check out what awesome things we’ve done in this month!


✦ Product Updates

The Secret Chainbase Master Plan

The Secret Chainbase Master Plan.png

Mogu, founder and CEO of Chainbase, has probed into the company's past, present, and future, and detailed our roadmap. From on-cloud to on-chain, from a SaaS product to the data network, Chainbase has always been the platform for people to unleash the potential of blockchain data for innovations.

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Ton Supported!

Ton x Chainbase.png

To serve hundreds of millions of developers and end users, Chainbase will provide

🧰 Node Deployment Service

🔧 Data Indexing Product

On TON, expected in December 2023.

🔗 For Reference:

  1. Empowering Web3 Adoption: Chainbase and TON Foundation Join Forces
  2. Currently, Chainbase supports a total of 13 blockchains, including EthereumBNB ChainPolygonFantomArbitrumOptimismAvalancheAptosSuiStarkNetBasezkSync, covering over 20 networks including mainnets and testnets.

The Cloud-native Kafka Service is LIVE

Kafka .png

With Kafka, developers can seamlessly synchronize on-chain data in real-time while maintaining the order.


High Throughput

Combined with Webhook, Kafka makes Chainbase Sync more integral. Moreover, the Sync feature is live on all the chains we’ve supported!

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✦ Coming Soon

  • New Pricing Plan
  • Custom API
  • Modular Datasets
  • DataCloud Upgrade

Our team has been diligently working to develop new features and functionalities that we believe are essential to the current blockchain world. Stay up-to-date with us via Discord and Twitter notifications!

✦ Recent Events

🌟 Token 2049 @Singapore

The Answers of Web3 Infra Panel, co-hosted by Chainbase

The Answers of Web3 Infra.png

We engaged in an in-depth conversation with Particle Network & ZetaChain, moderated by Amazon Web Services.

🔗 What We Discussed

Web3 Connect, hosted by Google Cloud

Google Cloud Web3 Connect.png

Thanks Google Cloud for supporting us in building the robust streaming data warehouse!

🔗 Take a Deep Dive

Autonomous Worlds Meetup, supported by Chainbase


Great panel, good food, old and new frens! Thanks AW Research, Dojo, and StarkWare for co-hosting.

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🌟 HashKey/Wanxiang Blockchain Week @Shanghai

Spark the Inspiration with Proper Tool. Come Build on Linea! Panel

Build on linea! Round Table Forum in Shanghai.png

Thanks Linea, ScaleBit, Web3Future for hosting this incredible event during HashKey/Wanxiang Shanghai Blockchain Week!!

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🌟 Starbase Asia Tour @Hangzhou

Chainbase Keynote

in.clusion Conference on The Bund in Hangzhou.png

Big thanks to Starbase & Blockchain Academy Group for hosting! Our head of growth zisland shared our thoughts on the evolution of the data space, different layers of onchain data, and respective data solutions.

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Upcoming Events

✦ About Chainbase

Chainbase is an open Web3 data infrastructure for accessing, organizing, and analyzing on-chain data at scale. It helps people to better utilize on-chain data by combining rich datasets with open computing technologies in one data platform. Chainbase’s ultimate goal is to increase data freedom in crypto.

More than 5,000 developers actively interact with our platform, and there are over 200Mn data requests per day as they integrate Chainbase into their data backend and main workflow. Additionally, we are working with ~10 top-tier public chains as first-tier validators and managing over US $500Mn tokens non-custodially as a validator provider. Find out more at:

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