Chainbase October Newsletter

Chainbase October Newsletter

Chainbase Team

Chainbase Team

October was a whirlwind of innovation! Dive into the excitement with our latest updates and breakthroughs.


✦ Product Updates

🍅 Sync - Raw\Abstracted Data Unveiled

Abstracted Data.gif

Raw & Abstracted data are now released for seamless integration through Webhook / Kafka. You can effortlessly monitor and integrate datasets within minutes using various methods (graphQL, webhook, etc.), all in one place!

✦ Coming Soon

  • New Pricing Plan
  • Custom API
  • Modular Datasets
  • DataCloud Upgrade
  • Sync - S3

and more! ⌛️✨

Our team has been diligently working to develop new features and functionalities that we believe are essential to the current blockchain world. Stay up-to-date with us via Discord and Twitter notifications!

✦ Recent Events

🌟 Chainbase <> Developer DAO Hackathon 🗓️ October 23-30 🌍 Online

blog (1).png

The most expected hackathon of the month! Cheers to the brilliant ideas and innovative projects!

We're thrilled to collaborated with Devloper DAO to bring this event to Web3 builders.

🌟 MuChiangMai 2023 🇹🇭 9.15-10.31


🌟 ETH Hong Kong 2023 🇭🇰 10.22-24


Upcoming Events

  • Devconnect , 🇹🇷 November 13-19 🌷
  • Chainbase House , 🇹🇷 Nov 15-16
  • Open Data Günü (Day) , 🇹🇷 Nov 17

✦ About Chainbase

Chainbase is an open Web3 data infrastructure for accessing, organizing, and analyzing on-chain data at scale. It helps people to better utilize on-chain data by combining rich datasets with stream computing technologies in one data platform. Chainbase’s ultimate goal is to increase data freedom in crypto.

More than 5,000 developers actively interact with our platform, and there are over 200Mn data requests per day as they integrate Chainbase into their data backend and main workflow. Additionally, we are working with ~10 top-tier public chains as first-tier validators and managing over US $500Mn tokens non-custodially as a validator provider. Find out more at:

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